Longhaul Fiber Access

Is your organization seeking a fast, high-bandwidth, secure and low-latency interstate connectivity solution?

Layer3′s Long-haul FIBERConnect™ solution is designed for organizations requiring a connection that carries important, secure and time-sensitive content.

The solution offers true high capacity bandwidth up to STM-1 levels supporting video, voice and data services. We provision capacities from 256kbps allowing customers to seamlessly interconnect their branch offices and control how and when to carve up the transparent, high-bandwidth for their applications.

When planning your interstate business applications, whether it’s to cut costs, grow your business or distinguish yourselves from your competition, Layer3 has the proven experience to deliver the benefits of high-speed next-generation technology.

Some Benefits And Features Include:
  • Low Cost: You pay for service; we own and manage the network
  • Security: VLAN implemented to isolate traffic and optional managed security service using Juniper Network’s SSG platform
  • 24/7 world-class support and SLA: We monitor our network around the clock and provide you a single point of contact for problem resolution that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week >98% (Proven) availability
  • Low end-to-end latency ( Supports any traffic-type)
  • Bandwidth monitoring and reporting
  • Back-up Service/ Bandwidth-on-demand available: Pay for minimum bandwidth and have us upgrade it only when you need it
  • Aggressive Pricing: We provide options that meet your business and budget needs
  • Allows you to reap the benefits of other managed services from Layer3 such as our hosted IP PBX and unified communications, virtual servers, managed security e.t.c.

Discover the power of unconstrained information exchange when you use a high-bandwidth, highly-available, all-optical infrastructure to enhance productivity and further your business goals.

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