Metro Fiber Access

Do you need to communicate more effectively between multiple locations? Of course you do. We can deliver the results you are looking for and here is why.

Use Our Low Cost Fiber Network – By using our low cost fiber network to create your private network youwill benefit from having the lowest possible per location cost while maintaining excellent performance.

Eliminate Capital Expenditure – With no more need to undertake expensive investment in building your own network at every location your business can refocus its money on other, more revenue producing areas of your company.

Low Administration – Having a managed network gives your company the ability to do what it does best, focusing on your core business.

Our Private IP Layer 2 VPN which runs either on fiber (FIBERConnect™) or WIMAX or a hybrid of both media, supports all traffic type and all protocols with gigabit speeds.

FIBERConnect™ is Layer3’s all-fiber network.

Our network provides the following benefits:

You control routing and topology internally – helping facilitate your architectural changes.

You define addressing on your network. Layer3 does not peer during routing sessions.

We own the infrastructure. You pay only for the service

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