15 years after, we continue to march on with you, our customers

15 years after, we continue to march on with you, our customers

In 2005, in a small 2-room shop at Fanaha Business Plaza, Wuse 2, Abuja, the Layer3 ship set sail as we officially opened up for business. The enthusiasm with which we started hasn’t faltered, 15 years after, and this is because we had a goal of making a difference in the ICT sector of this country. Our mission was clear: to deliver exceptional IT services that will make our customers’ businesses more successful. We remain passionate about this mission and it drives everything we do helping us to go the extra mile, at all times, to ensure we deliver on our promise.

For 15 years, we have supported organizations with the technologies they need to scale and thrive.  Each year, we remind ourselves how far we have come on this journey. Every step we take is inspired by our vision: to lead in making businesses and individuals more successful using technology; our celebration at this point marks the many times we have brought this vision to life.           

The work we do is meaningful and transformative. There is evidence of this in the wins that our solutions have helped our clients achieve. We want the coming years to yield even greater successes for them, and for us. This drives us to continually explore and provide the technology solutions that make businesses and individuals excel, in line with our mission.

With this pandemic, 2020 no doubt has had its challenges for the whole world. Our resolve has been tested. The impact on many of our customers has been enormous. However, we remain committed to maintaining the high standards of engagement and service delivery that our customers expect of us.

Through this period, there have been many accomplishments as well. We have strengthened valuable partnerships, upgraded our infrastructure, given back to society and put plans in place that will even make your future more enjoyable. We continue to move forward, backed by the commitment of our team and the goodwill of the people and businesses we serve.

We are thankful for God’s providence and grateful for the role that all Layerons (both present and former), customers, and partners, have played in taking Layer3 to its present position. We appreciate you immensely and want to let you know that you are part of a project that drives growth and inspires hope across Nigeria. Let us continue on this path, together.     
Thank you.
Oyaje Idoko,
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer