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"Truly ideal solutions for your beautiful edifices and smart homes. Layer3’s fiber-to-the-home broadband Internet service"

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Today, beautiful edifices and smart homes are powered by fast, accessible, and dependable broadband internet services provided by L3Fiber. Our services undeniably add to the basic amenities, infrastructure and the feel of luxury.

L3Fiber is Layer3’s fiber-to-the-home broadband Internet service, which runs on 100% optical fiber directly into the subscriber's house. It is a next-generation fiber-to-the-home internet service packed with features and perks that boost the value of your home and investment.

Take advantage of the internet access and technical support your family truly deserves. Connect several devices in your home at the same time round the clock.

Welcome to a world where no limits apply!!

100% unlimited data
24/7 customer support
Low latency
Gateway to other fantastic Layer3 solutions
Choose from best of three plans

Affordable Pricing

Basic - 30 Mbps

@ ₦21,380 / month

Standard - 60 Mbps

@ ₦28,891 / month

Premium - 80 Mbps

@ ₦34,669 / month

Please, note that the Installation cost is dependent on a survey.

Its time to make a switch! You deserve the fastest, most reliable unlimited internet connection.

We deliver peace of mind