Today, healthcare companies, including hospitals, need to be able to communicate accurately, cost-effectively, quickly and securely. When life-critical decisions are on the line, you need to access, deliver and exchange all types of information anywhere, anytime—from health records to test results, from bedside monitor reports to medical images, from reimbursement information to quality performance metrics and day-to-day business information and communication. In addition, healthcare companies are under pressure to operate as cost efficiently as possible while supporting the increased network traffic and demands of new applications and regulations.


Solutions Overview


Layer3 has the expertise, integrated solutions and network infrastructure that enable you to meet your organization’s IT requirements and operate efficiently, including:

  • Network transport and data storage solutions to store, send and receive data and patient information between different locations;
  • High-performance private networks to securely connect locations and support a broad range of voice, video, data and information;
  • Converged IP voice and data solutions that help reduce network costs and enable next generation networking applications, and interactive voice response solutions to quickly and cost-effectively respond to patient inquiries.

At Layer3 we help you spend more time with the people you serve by taking the burden of IT off you.

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