The demands by higher education institutions for broadband as well as new IT solutions are at the highest level the industry has ever known. Students, faculty and administrators are relying more on technology—computers, the Internet, social media, mobile phones, and an endless array of digital devices. With this new extended campus environment and the corresponding benefits to the educational process, huge challenges have also arisen.

IT Directors and Vice Chancellors across these institutions are struggling to upgrade critical IT infrastructures as they simultaneously deal with shrinking budgets and fewer technical resources.

Layer3 has become a partner of choice for many colleges and universities. Working closely with these institutions, we are leveraging solutions from our technology partners to provide solutions that help integrate technology, provide superior student services, and enhance the educational experience.

In addition to delivering intelligent IP and wireless networks and the advanced infrastructure such as storage and virtualization solutions you need to enable your critical applications, Layer3 can help you reduce risk by providing security solutions to maximize the use of bandwidth while also securing critical data, address regulatory compliance, requirements and plan for emergencies.

When you partner with Layer3, you’re partnering with a solutions provider that goes beyond a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our experts will closely analyze your operations and provide customized solutions that can help you improve performance and agility, while helping you meet sustainability goals.

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