Mobile devices are proliferating in the enterprise at an exponential rate. With the growing number of device models, platforms and operating system versions available, businesses are facing new and complex mobility management challenges. Accessing corporate resources from a mobile device can introduce a significant threat to corporate security.

Our mobile device management solutions enable businesses to address challenges associated with mobility by providing a simplified, efficient way to view and manage all devices from the central admin console. Our solution enables you to enroll devices in your enterprise environment quickly, configure and update device settings over-the-air, and secure mobile devices. With our solution, you can manage a diverse fleet of Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows PC/RT and Windows Phone devices from a single management console.

We combine solutions AirWatch, Juniper and Samsung, all top leaders in mobile security, thus acting as a one stop shop for your mobility and BYoD solution provider.

  • Delivery of integrated connectivity and security anytime/anywhere with a drastically simplified end user experience
  • Provide clear visibility of mobile users and enforcement of access to network resources based on identity, role and location
  • Minimized risk of loss of corporate data from compromised, lost, or stolen mobile devices
  • Reduced IT overhead due to reduced management complexity
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