The importance of the internet to businesses
The Importance Of The Internet To Businesses

In the modern age, so much of our day-to-day life is centered around being online. Whether
we are shopping for the latest gadgets, uploading photos or simply surfing the internet to
find out what to watch on TV, as a society we have never been more connected. With over
113.8m of Nigerians using the internet as published by NCC in January 2019, the
importance of the web to the business world cannot be underestimated. Outlined below are
some major benefits of the internet in our today businesses-

Ease of Advertising
High-speed internet added several value points for businesses. The ability to publish, play
music and play video added a new element to online advertising. This also increased the
capabilities of a company website. A sales representative could create intensive digital
presentations and deliver to clients online.

Employee training and development programs
Learning and training shows the creativity in employees. The success of a business is
dependent on the creativity and analytical thinking of its employees. Internet plays a major
role in business creation, and types of employee learning and training programs.

Access to vast information
The ability to access information quickly and easily is a major benefit to businesses. The
internet has just about every fact and piece of information immediately available that a
business could need. You can access extensive legal libraries via internet-based services,
which enables you to research competitors, locate contact information about potential
business partners and gain access to critical information in a matter of mere seconds.

Ease of Communication and collaboration
The internet improves communications through email, connected calendars and chat
services specifically designed to improve business communications. Programs exist online
this days that allow for virtual team collaboration, connect employees, help organize tasks
and deliver instant messages efficiently. The ability to communicate quickly and to
collaborate on documents and projects under a single program renders the internet
extremely valuable. This ability creates efficiencies and quickly drives business forward.

With the above mentioned and even more, it remains glary and undeniable that internet
remains a major backbone of any business of the new generation. Companies such as
Layer3 have plugged into the internet as a business with fiber-optic cable lines delivering
high speed internet to sustain businesses all around the globe.

By Samuel Ameh